März 2017

Introducing the First Italian Bayer ForwardFarm

Sustainable agriculture is possible. Today it has been demonstrated by the Capurso family, opening the gates of their farm, Moranda, the first Bayer ForwardFarm in Italy. The farm is located a few kilometers from Verona in Valpantena, literally the "Valley of the Gods", one of the most famous areas of cultivation of grapes and production of excellent wines such as Amarone, Ripasso and Valpolicella. here.

September 2014

Launch in Belgium: Bayer CropScience has inaugurated the first Bayer ForwardFarm

Initiative demonstrates profitable and resource-efficient food production / Innovations help to preserve farm land / Dialog platform to promote the important role of agriculture in society here.

September 2014

First Bayer ForwardFarm launched in Belgium

In the presence of 70 key stakeholders and journalists, the Belgian Bayer CropScience team officially inaugurated the Bayer ForwardFarm ‘Hof ten Bosch’ in Huldenberg on September 11th. more

September 2014

easyFlow – the safe, speedy and spill-free transfer system

When liquid crop protection products are being transferred to spraying equipment, there has always been a risk of spills. But now a user-friendly closed transfer system known as easyFlow ensures speedy, safe and spill-free filling and cleaning of spraying equipment. Find out more about how easyFlow protects a farmer’s skin and the environment from unintentional pollution here.

September 2014

Saving a most valuable resource

Every year, 24 billion tons of precious topsoil are lost to erosion. This threat to a most valuable resource is an obvious call for action. All over the world, Bayer CropScience’s agriculture experts are promoting sustainable solutions to stop topsoil erosion – for example in China where farmers reduced it by 80% through replacing heavy tilling with innovative herbicides. Read about other practical solutions and what sustainability specialist Prof. Klaus Töpfer has to say on this issue here.

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