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Het Groene Hart: Jasper Roubos – Farm in North Holland

Jasper Roubos grows winter wheat, potatoes, onions and sugarbeet on 83 ha of very fertile polder soil in North Holland. In addition Jasper cultivates other farmers’ land, e.g. sowing green manure. The official launch of the Het Groene Hart Farm will be in September 2015.

Abbenes, North Holland,The Netherlands


Founded around 1870. In 2002, the farm was relocated a few kilometers to its current location, because of the construction of the high speed train track. In 2011, Jasper took over from his father Jan Roubos.


Winter wheat, potatoes, onion, sugar beet


The clay soil has no stones, good drainage and is not very susceptible to drought, leading to high fertility and high yield potential.


Potatoes are grown for McCain, sugar beets for Cosun and onions for various customers.

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Het Groene Hart Infographic

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Learn more about the sustainable farming solutions implemented by the Bayer ForwardFarming initiative at Het Groene Hart.

Check out the infographic at left to take a tour of the Roubos farm in the Netherlands.

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