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Hof ten Bosch Potato Farm: Raising productivity and maintaining biodiversity

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Jan and Josse Peeters own 100 hectares of land and have leased a further 40 hectares in Huldenberg near Brussels, the capital of Belgium. Hof ten Bosch has been farmed by the Peeters family since 1890 and is run by the brothers Jan and Josse today. They grow potatoes for the crisps industry, as well as wheat, corn, and sugar beet. They also cultivate 3 hectares of apples and pears, which are mainly sold directly at the farm. Hof ten Bosch farm is blessed with good soils and enjoys moderate levels of rainfall.
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The Hof ten Bosch Potato Farm in Belgium

The sustainable agriculture model

This is what Jan and Josse Peeters have to say about their business model: "As a Bayer ForwardFarm, we show how we combine our farming business with our responsibility for the environment and the biodiversity of our farm. Our farm is a place where we want to enter into an open dialogue on our contribution to sustainable and productive agriculture today and in the future. We present our thoughts, positions and solutions to different stakeholders. We invite different perspectives and are looking for partnerships to join forces. Although each crop brings its own challenges, we have opportunities to introduce new ideas and techniques, and we ensure the viability and feasibility of new solutions by testing them. One key reason why we and Bayer CropScience are such a good fit is our shared belief in balance: raising productivity while protecting or improving biodiversity, and maintaining our responsibility to the community. All measures we take on the farm have to be economically viable."

“For us it’s not just the money. There has to be a balance between raising productivity while protecting or improving biodiversity and maintaining our responsibility to the community. And all measures on our farm have to be economically viable.”

Jan and Josse Peeters

Results achieved at Hof ten Bosch

  • Average yields of 45-50 tons/ha of top-quality crisp potatoes over the last three years
  • Low on-farm storage losses of <1% per month thanks to excellent quality potatoes
  • 4% savings in use of fertilizers and crop protection products through GPS navigation
  • Soil fertility maintained and soil erosion reduced through crop rotation and cross-border techniques
  • High yield and excellent quality through an effective disease management program adapted to weather conditions, a decision support system, and adoption of the latest research findings
  • Less surface erosion and drift through cross-border, anti-erosion techniques at planting and ridging, and the use of anti-drift nozzles during application at low wind speeds
  • Reduced user exposure to crop protection products through application via closed systems
  • Wastewater collected in a closed system and processed using PHYTOBAC technology

Integrated Crop Solutions Hof Ten Bosch

Integrated crop solutions for potatoes

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