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Damianshof: Diverse crops flourish on excellent soil

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Six generations of Bernd Olligs’ family have farmed Damianshof near Rommerskirchen, Germany, since 1845. Bernd Olligs now grows winter wheat, sugarbeet, potatoes, winter barley and oilseed rape on some of the best soils in Germany. Bayer CropScience Germany, the Damianshof and the named partners are working together since 2009 to develop and demonstrate solutions for sustainable agriculture and to communicate this to different stakeholders.

Rommerskirchen, Germany


Farmed in the sixth generation, since 1845.


Winter wheat, sugar beet, potatoes, winter barley, oil seed rape


Deep, brown soil with 10 m to 20 m high loess that scores between 90 points and 95 points on the German soil quality classification system (ranging from 1 = very poor to 100 = very good).


FlächenAgentur Rheinland GmbH, Stiftung Rheinische Kulturlandschaft, OICOS Konzepte GmbH

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One step ahead with sustainable agriculture

Learn more about the sustainable farming solutions implemented by the Bayer ForwardFarming initiative at Damianshof.

Check out the infographic at left to take a tour of the Olligs farm in Germany.

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