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Château Lamothe: State-of-the-art viticulture – Centuries-old tradition

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Damien Chombart runs the Château Lamothe vineyard in Haux near Bordeaux, France. His grapes flourish on limestone-clay slopes at the heart of the Bordeaux wine region. Château Lamothe’s foundations may go back to the 16th century but Damien Chombart’s viticulture is state-of-the-art.

Haux, near Bordeaux, France


Château Lamothe’s foundations date back to the 16th century. Since 1956, 4 generations of our family have managed Château Lamothe: the Perriquets, then the Néels, and now the Chombarts.


Wine Grapes


Limestone-clay on slopes in the heart of the Bordeaux wine region.


Berthoud, French Vine and Wine Institute, Vitinnov, bee keeper, Eco-Entomology Laboratory


Export 90 % to North America and Asia

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Château Lamothe Infographic

One step ahead with sustainable agriculture

Learn more about the sustainable farming solutions implemented by the Bayer ForwardFarming initiative at Château Lamothe.

Check out the infographic at left to take a tour of the Chombarts farm in France.

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