Sustainable Agriculture in Practice

Azienda Agricola Moranda: A Matter of Responsibility

In the famous area of DOC Valpolicella, Italy, the Capurso family produces wine varietals such as Valpolicella, Valpolicella Superiore and Amarone, also known as "The Great Bitter" because of the partially dried grapes that help give the wine its full body and rich flavor. The Capursos strive to uphold the renowned legacy of the Veneto region wines by implementing modern farming techniques and respecting their surroundings. On Bayer ForwardFarms like Azienda Agricola Moranda, Bayer and farmers join hands to demonstrate sustainable agriculture in practice.

Valpantena, near Verona, Italy


Farmed by the Capurso Family since 1896, owned by Nunzio Giovanni Capurso and his daughters, Camilla and Selene.


Wine grapes, cherries and olives are grown on 17ha.


Well-drained alluvial soil rich in clay and limestone.


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One step ahead with sustainable agriculture

Learn more about the sustainable farming solutions implemented by the Bayer ForwardFarming initiative at Azienda Agricola Moranda.

Check out the infographic at left to take a tour of the Capurso farm in Italy.

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