Why sustainable agriculture is so essential

Ensuring global food security - now and in the future

At Bayer we firmly believe that sustainable agriculture is the only way to overcome the current and future agricultural challenges in order to ensure food security for a growing global population. Bayer CropScience's core competency is in developing integrated crop solutions focused on improving crop productivity and quality in a sustainable manner. We believe that integrated crop solutions made up of high-value seeds, chemical and biological crop protection products, tailored services, stewardship measures and partnerships are the key components of sustainable agriculture - now and in the future.
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INTEGRATED CROP SOLUTIONS with high-quality seeds and crop protection products (chemicals and biologicals) to protect the yield and quality of agricultural commodoties. These solutions are backed by tailored services ranging from agronomic support, field demonstrations, diagnostics and prediction tools to documentation.

PROACTIVE STEWARDSHIP to ensure product integrity (for seeds and crop protection products), protect human health, and preserve the environment. We offer training to raise standards of handling and usage, as well as to minimize any possible risks to human health and the environment.

PARTNERSHIPS to enhance the quality of life for farmers, communities, and society. Mutually beneficial partnerships that include all players in the value chain and help to leverage the potential for collaboration in modern agriculture.

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