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Bayer ForwardFarming: Demonstrating sustainable agriculture in practice

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Farmers nowadays are facing complex challenges - the need to increase agricultural productivity in a sustainable manner, adopt farming to weather fluctuations, optimally manage soil and water, maintain biodiversity on their farmland, and fulfill increasing food chain and consumers' demands. At Bayer we believe that a holistic approach towards more sustainable agriculture and the opportunity for an on-going exchange of know-how between all stakeholders in the agricultural value chain is the best way to overcome these challenges.

In line with Bayer’s mission “Science for A Better Life”, Bayer CropScience is committed to delivering innovative solutions to further promote sustainable agriculture. In practical terms this means developing customer-centric solutions to safeguard harvests, increase crop yields, ensure the high quality of harvested produce, and protect both human health and the environment. Through Bayer CropScience's solutions for more sustainable agriculture farmers combine their economic success with a responsible attitude towards the environment and society. The Bayer ForwardFarming concept was established to demonstrate Bayer's solutions for more sustainable agriculture in practice. It is a knowledge platform that enables selected farms to share their expertise and achievements with all stakeholders in the agricultural value chain - farmers, agronomists, food chain, academics, politicians, government officials, consumers, etc.  Bayer ForwardFarming aims to increase the exchange of agricultural know-how, highlight improvements in sustainable agriculture, and facilitate communication between farmers and all these stakeholders.

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Working together to ensure global food security

The challenges of achieving food security for a growing global population are clear. But where are the answers? As one of the world’s leading crop science companies in the fields of seeds, crop protection and non-agricultural pest control, we support farmers around the world with integrated solutions designed to meet the growing demand for high-quality food and animal feed, fiber, and renewable raw materials. Our experts help to develop innovative solutions to secure sustainable food supplies worldwide through advanced farming practices and facilitate the exchange of know-how between farmers and all stakeholders. That is what Bayer ForwardFarming stands for.
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Integrated crop solutions, proactive stewardship and partnerships

The farms involved in Bayer ForwardFarming practise integrated crop solutions and product stewardship.


Our ForwardFarms use high-value seeds and crop protection products - both chemicals and biologicals - to protect their yields and the quality of their produce. We back these solutions by providing tailored services ranging from agronomic support, field demonstrations, diagnostics and forecasting tools to documentation. By offering integrated crop solutions, we are working towards our goal of making sustainable farming practically possible.


Raising standards in the safe handling and application of crop protection products is vital to ensure product integrity for seeds and crop protection products, and protect human health and the environment. To help ensure the safety of Bayer CropScience products, we have defined a global Product Stewardship policy covering the entire life cycle of a product. To this end, we invite farmers worldwide to attend our training courses. And of course, our ForwardFarms are living examples of product stewardship in practice.  


Mutually beneficial partnerships that include all players in the value chain help to leverage the potential for collaboration in modern sustainable agriculture.

Sustainable Agriculture

Ensuring global food security

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